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  • Are you looking at a Leased Line?
  • Do your up load and down load speeds need to be increased?
  • Are you worried about your ADSL connection failing and your business grinding to a halt?

Then you need MultiBand


Sharedband increases your upload and download speeds. The resulting speed increase is comparable to solutions that cost 5 times more.

Increasing speed provides better quality video conferencing services and VoIP service and helps ensure that off-site data backups complete on time. Sharedband is an excellent solution for those who send large video, graphic, or image files. With both the downstream and upstream connections incresed, businesses can make better use of their time and not have to wait as long for transfers to complete.

More Resilient

For many businesses their Internet connection is business critical. A connection with guaranteed uptime is not always cost effective and even a connection with 99% uptime still has the potential to be down for 3 days 15 hours per year. Sharedband bridges the gap between a typical ADSL or cable connection and expensive leased lines. This allows businesses to take advantage of greater uptime, resiliency, and reliability… and save money in the process.

We make sure that the ADSL that is bonded is from different ISPs so if one network goes down the other one will keep on carrying your businesses data.


Using your existing connection and one supplied with your Multiband service and the Multiband supplied routers the connection process is straight forward and depending on your setup we can have you setup in day. The service is full supported by our Tech Support team who are available 24/7.

Cost effective

With prices starting from £49.99 per month plus £149.99 setup this is a solution that your business can afford.

Call for exact costs. These can be dependent on your location, a free landlines and connections already in place.