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What are Hosted Comms?

Hosted Comms are basically software based Telephone systems that are Hosted at the suppliers data centre’s and are accessed via the internet. The phone handsets plug straight into CAT5 cabling and then connect to an ADSL connection. All functionality is controlled via a Web portal rather than having to be setup by a system engineer. Site moves, changing users and disaster recovery options are far more simple than they have been in the past and calls in between customers sites will be free of charge. There are various suppliers around at the moment and Concise IP are partnering with several to enable us to bring you the best value solution for your businesses needs. Features include -

  • Free automatic updating and upgrading of PBX software.
  • Converged Network for Multi-site companies.
  • Full Online adminisation for moves, additions and changes.
  • Customer can always keep numbers during site moves as well as when they move to the service.
  • It is based on a OPEX model rather than CAPEX
  • Call Routing - Company and its users can define their own call routes via the web portal
  • Free ‘on net’ calls
  • Remote / Home workers can be included on the system.
  • Internal Voicemail and optional Voice Recording.

Many companies are moving to IP-based hosted telephony systems. The hosted option provides flexibility, allowing Small & Medium enterprises (SMEs) to pay only for what they need and use. It enables them to avoid upfront capital investments, and to gain access to features that have traditionally only been affordable to larger companies. In the complex, global business environment in which SMEs operate today, the Hosted Comms solution enables companies to stay agile, matching their telephony and data solution to the needs of their business.