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What is a GSM Gateway and how does it work?

A GSM gateway simply transfers a landline to mobile call into a mobile to mobile call. The gateway uses a GSM module with an active SIM card for each call to the mobile network. The gateway will be added seamlessly to your current telephone system, without any disruption. It will then simply select all phone numbers beginning with 07 and route them over the GSM network as a mobile to mobile call.


You can stay with your current landline provider and let us cut the costs of your landline to mobile calls.
As there is no capital outlay required you will see the savings immediately and receive a full fix or replace policy with our Managed Service to ensure you´re always talking.

Why is it so much cheaper?

The landline providers have to pay a fixed rate to connect to the mobile networks and to pass calls onto them, a rate set by Ofcom.
By routing a landline to mobile call over a GSM gateway the call is converted and can be seen as a mobile to mobile call. There are no connection fees and therefore a mobile to mobile call will always be cheaper.

Our managed service solution

A GSM gateway isn’t a large investment. The solutions provides you with rental equipment so there is no capital outlay and we also include in our managed service maintenance support for your complete peace of mind. The net benefits start immediately and you don't have to offset any capital spend. If anything does go wrong, it gets fixed promptly without any hassle. No matter what your situation is, our specialist expertise in tariff selection can save you considerable amounts of money - money savings that directly increase your profits.

What does our managed service include?

Prompt support to maximise utilisation (4 hour response, 8 hour fix) We will never leave you without a service. As our customer, we want you to be able to maximise utilisation of the solution we have provided. This is why we provide you with prompt support via our 4 hour response and an 8 hour fix pledge, which means if we can fix things remotely within four hours we will, otherwise we will aim to visit your site within 8 hours to fix it for you.
Airtime tariff management to maximise on going saving - We explore the networks for the most aggressive airtime rates possible and give you on going advice on which mobile tariffs are best for you. You may have a call pattern which would be served best by off-peak tariffs. Or perhaps you make many internal mobile-to-mobile calls, in which case a sharer tariff may be more suitable. It is also possible to combine different tariffs, too.
Future hardware expansion as your business grows - The advantage of our Managed Service is that because you rent the equipment from us, you will always be using the most up-to-date products and technology available. Consequently, as your business grows, your telephone solution grows with you; and you will never have to put that growth on hold because you can't afford the additional business costs.
Reporting on our Managed Service - Each month we will provide full reports for each gateway, outlining detailed information such as the total monthly usage, peak call volumes etc. These reports are also used to deduce if further/fewer minutes are required for the gateways to maximise your savings.

When the phone lines go down, you'll still be in touch

Most companies spend millions on disaster recovery plans for data loss and other situations but then neglect their voice lines. If a JCB severed though your telephone lines, or the local exchange suffered a fire or a flood, what would you do? How long could your business last without telephone communications, both inbound and outbound?
Our GSM gateway equipment could provide you with up to 50% savings on your landline to mobile call charges, as well as provide you with additional disaster recovery over GSM or IP.


  • Dedicated lines assigned to both inbound and outbound calls as part of your requirements to ensure your business is still functioning

  • IP connectivity to your existing equipment, little or no down time to install

  • An IP Gateway acting as a SIP client, allowing the transfer of ISDN to SIP, meaning you may not need to upgrade your PBX to move to SIP

  • A cost-effective stand-alone telecoms disaster plan that's already installed and routing your landline to mobiles calls for under 4ppm

Any more questions then please just give us a call on 0844 848 7447